Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to work with people to maintain independence, safety and enjoyment in the activities (occupations) they do in everyday life. Anything from sleeping, walking and bathing to working, socialising or learning.

We assess the person holistically and any barriers or limitations to being able to achieve each step and then recommend strategies, adaptive equipment or modifications to assist.

In other words, we’re trained to speak medically to understand your medical conditions and how they effect you, but think functionally and practically to help you ‘get on and do what you do.’

Our Assessments

We complete occupation based assessments including interview, observing physical abilities and reviewing the home or community environment that you’re completing your activities within e.g home or local shopping centre.

We make clinical recommendations that may include;

  • Adaptive techniques or strategies (interventions) for example Pacing strategies for breathlessness, relaxation strategies to manage stress or pain, ways to manage memory loss, or tips and tricks to dress with one hand.
  • Prescription of adaptive technology (mobility aids & equipment)
  • Minor or major home modifications
  • Education and support to self manage your own conditions day to day.

Our Services

Better Balance occupational therapy services are available to privately funded adults, DVA card holders, NDIS participants and clients with Aged home care packages who require one/all of the following services;

  • Home visits to assess for Home modifications
  • Assistive technology (Aids and equipment prescription)
  • Assistance with Pressure injury prevention and care
  • Falls prevention assessments and education
  • Pain management education
  • Stress management education and relaxation therapy
  • Hoists and manual handling equipment and training

Find out more & Get in Touch

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