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Occupational Therapy

The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to work with people to regain independence and enjoyment in the general activities they like to do in life.These can range from sleeping, eating and bathing to working, gardening or even bowling.In other words we’re trained to speak medically and think functionally to help you ‘get on and do what you do.’

To achieve this we complete occupation based assessments and make clinical recommendations that may include prescription of adaptive equipment, home modifications or education or interventions to such as pacing strategies or adaptive techniques when completing specific steps to any daily task.

Drawing on 12 years of experience practicing as an OT in all types of adult medical healthcare settings in both the United Kingdom and Australia, I now provide the highest quality, holistic and evidence based private community based care, in alignment with our local service providers in Melbourne.

Better Balance Occupational Therapy Services are available to privately funded adults, DVA Card Holders and Clients of Aged Home Care Package Providers who require one/all of the following services;

  • Home safety assessments including home modification and equipment prescription
  • Falls prevention assessments and education
  • Pain management education
  • Stress management education and relaxation therapy
  • Energy conservation education

OT’s ask “What matters to you”, not “What’s the matter with you”.