When you first get your oils and wholesale customer account is can feel a little overwhelming.

You know there are endless possibilities for your oils but now that you’re not it the class, it can feel as though you don’t know where to start right?

Don’t worry, your not alone, most people feel this way initially and so I’ve collated a bunch of resources for you to scroll through easily all at once and select, download, order and absorb at your own pace.

You can learn as you go and there’s no race- so just make sure your oils are out and open and read on to figure out what else is available to help you.

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  • Smartphone Apps

    Again the amount of Apps available is constantly increasing. Some are free and some have a one off cost.

    If you’re a member of better balance you also have access to a paid app from me for free!


    A unique app condensed from the popular book! Now it’s easy to care for your dog or cat naturally—at home or on-the-go.

    “SpOil Your Pet” quickly shows how to safely and effectively use essential oils for over 50 animal health concerns.


    This one isn’t free but it offers  more than 190 different oils listed and 300+ effective recipes for day to day ailments, complete usage guide and more.


    This one is free and it builds your confidence and knowledge bit by bit by updating with one training video and one challenge daily.


    Find the most up to date version of this one and be sure you’ve selected your language. It’s another small investment but it’s worth it.

    The app provides the complete, up-to-date content found in the Modern Essentials® Handbook, 10th edition. Includes all 2018 dōTERRA® products: single oils, blends, supplements, and personal care.

  • Websites

    Official dōTERRA Product Tips Blog

    An excellent place to learn about product promotions, product features or product success stories.

    Official dōTERRA Tools Site

    An “all-in-one” site with downloadable Product Information Pages, Imagery, Product Presentations and more.

    Official doterraeveryday.com Site

    A site that hosts trainings, event listings, news and information.

    Official dōTERRA YouTube Channel

    When dōTERRA creates a new “official” video, this is often the first place it is made available.

    Official dōTERRA Pinterest Page

    See how dōTERRA is being shared on Pinterest–get ideas on how to share dōTERRA, products, product uses and more!

    Official dōTERRA.com site.

    Designed for anyone who is curious about dōTERRA and wants a high-level overview of the company.

    Source to you

    Everything you can ask or want to know about the sourcing testing and production of these beautiful products.

  • Books

    There are hundreds of essential oil books and many of them are likely to be available oil your local library.

    These are some of the arid and tested essential oil user books. For books more relevant to building a business, start with those oil the Empowered Success training guides.


    This is our bible. It’s an essential oil guide with chemistry, single oils, blends and recipes, ailments, safety yips and more that is written generically but speaks to the doterra essential oil range.


    This is a great reference guide to get rid of some of the myths around using essential oils with your fur babies. There’s an App available for the text also and I have tried and tested a few recipes with my little pugalier with consistent success.


    This guide is brilliant. For me it enhances the use of my oils constantly. It’s  tool for curiosity and mindfulness around which oils you’re drawn to and why and which oils might pull you out of the mental story or reaction to circumstances creating an emotional response and potential cycle any time.

  • Top doterra podcast picks

    Essential Oil solutions – Users podcast

    Essentially you – Users podcast

    Whole You, Consciously Creating a Business and Life You Love Podcast – Business Builders Podcast

    All rise up – Business builders podcast