Essential Oil Classes

What’s more fun than attending and Essential Oils Class?

Hosting one of your own

Ok, so you’re thinking you’d like to host an essential oils class in your home, workplace. 

Now what?

First we need a date and people to attend.

Send a message or give Sharon a call to find a date that suits you both then just think about 8-15 people you know that need Essential Oils in their lives and invite them with sincerity. This is a beautiful thing to do for the people you care about and always an honour for us to share something we’re so passionate about so it will be worth while for everyone, of that you can be sure.

Each person that attends will receive:

  • A packet of information/handouts
  • At least one free sample of Essential Oil
  • A wellness consultation on how to incorporate oils into their life (if they’re up for it)

We can bring everything needed to your home or venue, all you need to is provide is a table, and ideally drinks and light refreshments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just your time, love and effort. The best things in life are free!


Yes! Please do! This is about holistic health and well being, men need this info and experience too

Most classes will include some of the 10 essential oils every home should have, to allow new faces to understand the value of enrolling with a purposefully designed Enrolment kit .However master classes focussed on specialist topics are also available such as;

– Beginners introduction to essential Oils

– Stress Management – sleep, mood & hormonal balancing

– Self Care and natural beauty routines

– Holistic health and wellness with essential oils.

  • You’ll receive a thank you gift from me
  • You learn about the powerful benefits of essential oils and help improve the lives of others.
  • Everyone attending gets to directly experience the powerful benefits of the oils
  • You have the opportunity to earn ‘fast start’ commission
  • You’ll enjoy a gorgeous afternoon of natural fun and sharing.

Reserve an Essential Oil Class date

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