There’s so many reasons why meditation needs to be considered less like a woo woo optional practice and more like an important life skill that is offered and taught to every young person (soon to become adults), with the same level of importance as all our other ‘specialist’ activities in addition to the classroom curriculum.
Gratefully it is becoming more popular and it’s likely because of the proven scientific benefits and physical emotional difference we feel after even a really short session.
Benefits such as; reduced symptoms of anxiety, improved sleep, uplifted mood, improved attention and working memory, increased self awareness, reduced blood pressure and controlled pain.

Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts, or to simply observe thoughts come and go as you sit or lie in stillness.

It’s not always easy and for some reason it takes effort to create and/or protect your time to do it sometimes.

I ebb and flow with my imperfect practice of mediation seated in silence and stillness in my meditation space, but I ALWAYS notice the difference and life seems to run more smoothly when I do get into a daily rhythm.

My iPhone Apps are such an easy way to help me mediate or at least calm my mind each evening, jay by listening before or even as I fall asleep.

Try my TOP 5 smart phone Apps:

  • Spirit stream   

    This is my all time favourite. It doesn’t just include guided mediations, it also has talks and affirmations from world leaders in spirituality. It’s a monthly subscription and worth every penny!

  • The Mindfulness App

    This was my first one. It helped me to create a new habit by tracking my minutes and eventually hours, just like to a sleep or exercise tracker. The guided mediations are short and simple and a great place to start. I regularly use this one for 2 minutes between client visits in the car.

  • 1000 guided meditations

    I’m new to this one but so far so good, you need to pay the one off fee though I found to get t the good stuff. Again I’m enjoying lots of different styles and time lengths. So far so good, but stay tuned on this one.

  • Yoga studio: Mind and Body

    Another favourite! I have been using this app to do yoga in ‘the play room’ for years. I take my mat and the iPad away with me and use the yoga studio classes and the short mediations and relaxation sessions all the time.

    I’ve never gotten bored with it and still haven’t mastered the advanced level.

    If we know each other I’ve probably already recommended this to you – no excuses with this one.

  • Wellbeyond meditation for kids

    You guessed it, this is my little girl’s favourite…. or at least my favourite we do together.

    Short, fun, imaginative mediation sessions that use visual imagery and the senses to encourage and engage our babies.

    It has just 5 mediations focused on  sleep, focus, feelings, kindness and centering.