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At Better Balance we have a range of services to support your health and wellness needs.
Our aim is to provide education, therapy and leadership to help people be empowered to a healthier and happier life

Essential Oils Classes

What’s more fun than attending an Essential Oils Class?

Hosting one of your own!
Ok, so you’ve decided to host an essential oils class in your lovely home or at work or even a cafe.  And you already have an amazing teacher (ahem, me.)Now what?

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Occupational Therapy

The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to work with people to regain independence and enjoyment in the general activities they like to do in life.These can range from sleeping, eating and bathing to working, gardening or even bowling.In other words we’re trained to speak medically and think functionally to help you ‘get on and do what you do’

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Free initial One- on- one Wellness Consultations

Chat to me one-on-one to create yourself a wellness plan.
As occupational beings we need to be engaged in meaningful activities but I know sometimes the traditional ideas around how to ‘ just eat well and exercise’ are not all that meaningful or simple

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“Sharon offers empowering advice on how to live your life in a more balanced, healthy and holistic way.”

“Sharon was a pleasure to work with and the changes she made to my home really have been excellent.”