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Placing your first order

There are 3 ways to shop with doTERRA:

  1. Retail. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, given the rest of us are shopping at wholesale prices and receiving 25% off the retail prices, but you can SHOP RETAIL HERE.

  2. Wholesale. Set up your own Wholesale Customer Account and receive 25% all your purchases going forward, winning.  SET UP A WHOLESALE CUSTOMER ACCOUNT HERE NOW

  3. Wholesale plus Credits. This is the smartest way to purchase through doTERRA. First you open your own Wholesale Customer Account, then you can set up your LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order and increase your discount from 25% – 55% over a 12 month period, as well as earn free product points that you can redeem on free Oils and products every month! So generous.

The most intelligent way to make your first doTERRA purchase is to select an Enrolment Kit and set up a Wholesale Customer Account.


What does wholesale plus Credits looks like

No problem. The kits are optional. You can open a wholesale account with the $35 Essential Oil Introductory
Enrollment Packet and pick items a-la-crate. But the kits waive the $35 fee and are really the best deal (with extra stuff thrown in).
The wholesale account is for anyone wanting the deepest discounts and best benefits dōTERRA has to offer.
If you have decided to start your shopping experience with me and want a wholesale account, then
• HERE to get started right away

You can be just about anywhere in the world and still open up a wholesale account! Including America, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, New Zealand, Europe, French Polynesia, Malaysia, CostaRica, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and many other countries! You can go through the same process (each Country has specific kits available) or CONTACT ME to schedule a time for us to speak on the phone or online to help you set you up.

STEP 1 : log in here:
Your ID & Password can be found in your Welcome Email/s

STEP 2: Create a new LRP Template (or place standard 1 x Order )
See below for benefits of the Loyalty Reward Program

STEP 3: Fill up your cart, add you personal and payment detail and wait for the “posty” to deliver them to your door. Just don’t forget to update your monthly wellness box (LRP cart) before it gets auto shipped  next month.