Supplements that feel like a secret weapon

When I started with doterra I was still in the early stages with my better balance occupational therapy business, had a permanent part time job and my baby was only 4 years old.

I was definitely still grieving and feeling resistance to my circumstances, AKA stressed and I felt as though I hadn’t slept for more than a 4 hour chunk in 4 years.

I saw a prematurely aged reflection in the mirror and irritability and low mood were a norm for me. I had acne all over neck and my hair was hard to manage – just the delights of allostatic load (prolonged stress)

Within a week of using the oils I felt a new lease on life. Inspiration to start exercising more and cleaning out our diet properly and then a slow but sure improvement on my sleep and sense of overwhelm. The oils gave me a sense of control and support, the perfect tools to start healing and thriving rather than just surviving each day, week and month.

Supplement wise I actually started with doterra’s women’s health pack to balance my hormone levels and they worked, within a month my skin cleared up and it felt like a another step toward feeling healthy again but I knew the next step was this Lifelong Vitality pack. 

It’s doterra’s number one selling product and has a 45 day money back guarantee if you don’t feel any different. What? they’re a nutritional supplement pack – who feels any different when they take vitamins right?

Well, my new doterra friends had said they felt as though their eyes were brighter and they were getting out of bed with more bounce, once felt they’re birthmark was fading and another said they feel like their digestive issues had settled. I was so curious to know how they’d go.

This is is what happened for me after about 2 weeks of daily use:

  • I slept properly. not necessarily for longer but definitely more soundly. I was waking refreshed and energised and I remembered what it was like to actually sleep!
  • My energy doesn’t slump anymore. which means I don’t get as irritable in the afternoons, you know the snappy witch hour time between school pick up and dinner time? I’m cool and collected Mumma more often these days.
  • My physical resilience improved. Meaning I don’t get sick as much or as badly as I could (rarely pick up what my daughter brings home) and I feel as though my recovery from F45 or physical challenges is faster when I’m taking my LLV then when I’m not.
  • My hair, skin and nails are now very happy and if I ever have a gap in these all of the above changes.
  • I notice more when I miss my LLV, then when I take it.

They’re amazing. That’s the bottom line. 10 plus years of researching and formulating produced a Supplement program that not only improves our health on a cellular level, increasing our long term health, it offers an immediate improvement on our day to wellbeing and sense of vitality. If thats not amazing, i don’t know what is.

Try them. Everyone that can, should take these!

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